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The Magic of Smokeless Fire: Understanding the Technology Behind Wizard Fire Pits

Have you ever wondered how your Wizard Fire Pit burns so bright yet produces so little smoke? We call it magic – but in reality, it is science! 

Today, we're taking a look behind the curtains to see the inner workings of our smokeless fire pit and the simple yet genius idea that fuels them. We will also explore why smokeless fire pits are a game-changer for New Zealand outdoor enthusiasts.

The Magic: 

Secondary combustion is the magic that powers Wizard Fire Pits. When air flows through the lower section of our fire pits, it fuels the main combustion at the bottom of the fire. This naturally creates a healthy fire with a great source of oxygen. 

But that's only half the story, additional air also enters between the gap in the walls of the fire pit, where it heats up to around 500°C before feeding what is known as secondary combustion. 

The true "wizardry" takes place in this secondary burn. Before it can escape, the smoke produced by the fire is burned off in a hotter, oxygen-rich atmosphere. Thanks to all this, our fire pits can produce virtually no smoke and much less particulate emission, making them more efficient and cleaner burning.

How does a smokeless fire pit work

The Benefits of Smokeless Fire Pits: 

The Wizard Fire Pits provide a number of advantages by utilising the power of secondary combustion. They increase heat output, lessen environmental effects, and lessen the irritation of smoke. With a Wizard Fire Pit, you can enjoy a traditional bonfire experience without the typical inconveniences of smokey clothes and burning eyes.


Smokeless fire pits in New Zealand are gaining popularity due to their effectiveness and benefits. And at Wizard Fire Pits, we're proud to offer top-notch, smoke-resistant outdoor fire pits to our customers.


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