Unveiling the Truth: Can You Safely Use Driftwood as Firewood in Your Wizard Fire Pit?

Unveiling the Truth: Can You Safely Use Driftwood as Firewood in Your Wizard Fire Pit?

Picture this: the sun setting over New Zealand's beautiful beaches, waves crashing, and an abundance of driftwood begging for a beachside blaze. While it sounds like the perfect scene for your Wizard Fire Pit, the truth is, that coastal wood might not be your fire pit's best friend.

In this blog, we'll explore the humorous and not-so-magical reality behind using driftwood in your Wizard Fire Pit and suggest an alternative for your beachside bonfires.

Driftwood Dreams vs. Metal Realities

Corrosion Chronicles:
As enticing as the idea of burning driftwood in your Wizard Fire Pit may be, the salty truth is, that it could lead to some serious relationship issues between your fire pit and metal. The salt content in driftwood has a knack for corroding metal, and your Wizard Fire Pit won't appreciate the salty treatment.

A Breath of Unfresh Air:
Breathing in the salty sea breeze is one thing; inhaling the combustion byproducts of burning salt is another. It's not a breath of fresh air when your fire pit turns into a mini salt factory, releasing substances you'd rather not invite to your outdoor gathering.

The Comedy of Coastal Wood:

Nature's Prank:
Oh, the irony of having an abundance of beach wood but having to resist the temptation! It's like Mother Nature's playful joke, offering you all the firewood you could ever want but with a catch – a corrosive, salty catch.

Wishful Thinking:
If only driftwood came with a "fire pit-safe" label, we'd be enjoying beach bonfires every night without a worry in the world. Alas, reality strikes, and we're left dreaming of the day when coastal wood won't give our fire pits a case of the corrosion blues.

A Beach Fire Solution:

Pellets to the Rescue:
Fear not, beach-loving campers! While driftwood may be off the menu, a bag of mini wooden pellets is the superhero your Wizard Fire Pit needs. Convenient, not too heavy to carry and devoid of salt-induced drama, wooden pellets make beach fires a breeze without the worry of corroded fire pits.

Easy-Carry, Easy-Burn:
Forget lugging heavy logs of hardwood from the forest to the shore. A bag of wooden pellets is your easy-carry, easy-burn solution for beachside bliss. Your Wizard Fire Pit will thank you, and so will your back.

As much as we'd love to embrace the charm of beach-sourced firewood in our Wizard Fire Pits, reality dictates otherwise. The salty content in driftwood may lead to a corroded pit and unpleasant inhalation experiences.

So, for now, let's save the coastal logs for driftwood sculptures and opt for the wood pellet alternative – the light-hearted solution for a beachside fire without the salty aftermath. Your Wizard Fire Pit will stay magical, and your beach bonfires will be a breeze – minus the corrosion comedy.
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