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Everything You Need To Know About Primary and Secondary Burn

If you've purchased one of our fire pits or seen them online, you might have noticed the term "Secondary Burn" mentioned. This innovative feature is essential to creating the smokeless flames our fire pits are known for. But what exactly is Secondary Burn, and how does it work? Let's dive deeper to understand the science behind it and why it's so effective.

Annoyance of Smoke

​​We all know how frustrating smoke can be when you're trying to enjoy a cosy evening around the fire. It clings to your clothes and irritates your eyes. In New Zealand, where outdoor gatherings are a cherished part of our lifestyle, having a smoke-free fire experience can make all the difference. That’s where our smokeless fire pits come in, ensuring you can enjoy the warmth and ambience without the drawbacks of traditional fires. No more smelling like a smoked kahawai after a night around the fire!

Primary Burn

The journey to a smokeless fire begins with the Primary Burn. This is the initial stage of combustion when you ignite quality fuel in your fire pit. Combustion, simply put, is the process of burning that generates the primary flame. This foundational step is crucial, but it’s just the beginning of creating a smokeless fire.

Secondary Burn

As your fire burns, the temperature of the flames rises, heating up the walls of your fire pit. This, in turn, heats the air drawn in from the lower vent holes. As the saying goes, hot air rises. Once this air is superheated, it ascends and is expelled through the upper vent holes. This is where the magic happens: the superheated air encounters the smoke from the fire, combusting it and using it as additional fuel. This process significantly boosts the heat and keeps your flame burning bright and clean. 

In essence, the initial burning of the firewood creates the primary burn. When the smoke produced meets the superheated air, a secondary burn occurs, effectively eliminating the smoke. The result? A flame that’s smokeless and hotter than ever, perfect for your next outdoor gathering!

Enjoying the Benefits

With our fire pits, Kiwis can now relish the experience of a warm, crackling fire without the nuisance of smoke. Whether you're hosting a backyard gathering, enjoying a night under the stars, or simply relaxing after a long day, our smokeless fire pits ensure a more pleasant and healthier outdoor experience. Finally, you can enjoy your marshmallows without tasting last night's bonfire!

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