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Carry Bag

Carry Bag

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The Wizard Fire Pit just got even more portable thanks to the carry bag. Easily zip your fire pit inside, and thanks to the straps you can carry your fire pit to the beach, friends house or your next camping trip. 

*The Carry Bag is currently only available for the regular Wizard Fire Pit (not jumbo). 

Smokeless Fire Pits Online
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Size & Materials

Diameter (width): 45cm

Height: 46cm

Weight: 11kg

Material: Stainless Steel 304

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Clean Burn Flame

The special design of the Wizard Fire Pit creates a unique airflow that allows the smoke to burn off inside the bonfire before it gets to you! No need to play musical chairs to dodge smoke.

Removable Ash Pan

No need for special tools. Once your fire pit has cooled, simply remove the ash pan, clean out the contents and then place back in your fire pit, done!

Adjustable Air Vent

The Wizard Fire Pits adjustable air vent allow you to be in control of your flame. Keep the air vent open for maximum smokeless effect and shut when you are done with your bonfire.

Long Lasting

Wizard Fire Pits are made with Stainless Steel (grade 304). This is a strong but surprisingly lightweight metal known for its excellent rust resistance.

Ultra Portable

Weighing just over 18kgs, your fire pit is easy to move when cool! Furthermore with the stainless steel handles for easy gripping.


There is something special about sitting around a fire pit. Whether its being hypnotised by the dancing flame, sitting around with your friends and family telling stories over beer and wine, or enjoying the warmth of the flame while roasting marshmallows with your children. It must be in our DNA. We think it's a whole lot better without the smoke!

Simple to Use

The hassle free design is so simple that even a caveman could have used it. The unique airflow creates a hot flame that is easy to ignite, and with a simple clean up and easy portability we are sure you will have countless nights with friends and family around this fire.

Smokeless Fire Pits Online

How It Works

The Wizard Fire Pit uses a secondary burn. Oxygen is drawn into the fire pit from below and then heated inside the walls of the fire pit to 500°C.

The superheated air exits the holes in the top and ignites the smoke and excess gases initially produced by burning wood in the fire pit. Thus producing an ultra clean burn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it smokeless?

Typically a fire pit is shaped like a bowl, you put wood in the bowl, then fire and smoke comes out of the bowl.

To describe it simply, the Wizard fire pit is like a bowl inside a bowl, the double layered wall creates an airflow that allows the smoke to burn off before it gets to you!

Why a smokeless fire pit?

There are many benefits to a smokeless flame! Firstly no need to constantly dodge smoke, you can enjoy a night around the fire pit without smelling like one. With little to no smoke your Wizard fire pit is also more environmentally friendly.

Can I burn it on a wood deck?

Wizard Fire Pits can safely be used on a wood deck, but requires your attention, and it should never be left unattended while burning. 

All Wizard Fire Pits come with foldable legs to elevate it off the ground, allowing airflow to the cool the bottom and also draw fresh oxygen into the adjustable vents.

Even when using the foldable legs, wood and composite decking materials differ significantly in quality and treatment, and have varying heat resistance ratings. If you are unsure you can further elevate or insulate your fire pit to avoid potential damage. For example a fireproof BBQ mat.

Never leave your fire pit unattended on a combustible surface when hot - even while cooling down. Hot ashes can reignite and escape onto the surface.

Where can I use my fire pit?

Use it in your backyard or thanks to its portability you can use it at the beach or your next camping trip.

How do I clean out my fire pit?

When your wood is burned through completely, and your fire pit is cool, remove the ash pan from under your base plate and dump it.

Are they stationary, or can they be moved?

Yes, thanks to the unique design, our fire pits can be easily transported and only weigh around 11kg.

Why is my base plate removable?

As your wood burns on the base plate, the ashes will fall to the ash pan below. When it's done burning and completely cooled, you won't have to tip your fire pit over to get rid of ashes. A simple lift of the base plate and removal of the ash pan means you can easily clean your fire pit.

Will my bonfire be hot when in use?

YES! Do not touch your fire pit with barehands when in use. It should be treated like an open flame.

What type(s) of wood should I use as fuel?

To get a really good smokeless flame, you must use quality, dry fuel. Kiln-dried hardwoods such as manuka, gum and wattle are great and have a low moisture content; other woods, such as quality macrocarpa and pine are also suitable.  

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