Wooden Deck Fire Pit New Zealand

Can you use a Wizard Fire Pit on a wooden deck?

The Wizard Fire Pit is special… why you ask? Not only is it a smokeless fire pit, did you know that you can use it on a deck? 

When the legs are folded out, the fire pit is raised of ground allowing the surrounding air to get drawn into the fire. This removes heat from the metal and creates an efficient burning flame.

Underneath the fire pit and the folding legs will be warm to the touch (That is not an invitation to touch it though!). But this means you can enjoy your fire pit hanging out on the deck with friends and family.


Different kinds of wood and decking

Not all woods, decks, stains and paints are equal. Therefore, we recommend that if you have a brand spanking new deck that you are precious about and the idea of a scuff mark, scratch or renegade ember and ash keeps you up at night, then you may want to use it in combination with one of our fire resistant mats, or maybe stick to the lawn or concrete!

Modern composite decking typically has improved heat resistance compared to traditional wood decking.  

A4 Paper Test

This involves putting crisp white pieces of A4 printing paper underneath the feet and bottom of the Wizard Fire Pit, and all placed on top of a sheet of wood.

Leaving the fire to burn at full heat all night… at the end, no scorch marks or anything wrong at all with the white paper. In fact, it was so fresh it got put back into the printer tray.

Fire Proof Mat

These heatproof mats are made from a special heat-resistant fibreglass-based material that is excellent for resistance to embers and fire. The perfect bit of peace of mind as an extra layer of security between your fire pit and deck.

Flying Embers

Renegade embers we call them. This is when spontaneous pieces of hot wood decide to jump out the top of your fire pit. Woods that are high in resin content such as pine, pinecones and gum are particularly prone to this.

This is one thing you want to be aware of when using a fire pit on your deck, and this leads to the most important point.


Don’t leave unattended

Sometimes the obvious thing is best said. Do not leave your Wizard Fire burning unattended. It should be treated like an open flame.

The exception is at the end of the night. If your fire has gone out and you still have glowing embers, you can pop your fire pit lid on top to give you peace of mind that everything is contained.

In conclusion, the Wizard Fire Pit is as good as gold for using on a deck as long as you follow the included instructions and keep all the above in mind!

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