What is Kindling and How To Use it in Your Fire Pit

What is Kindling and How To Use it in Your Fire Pit

The purpose of kindling is to act as a bridge between your fire starter and the bigger wooden logs. It does this by amplifying the flame to a level big enough to ignite your chunks of fire wood.

Pine is good for kindling as it is readily available and burns hot. One thing to keep in mind with pine though is that it tends to burn with a lot of black smoke and soot because of the high levels of resin inside it – sometimes more than what the fire pit can compensate for.

Therefore it is recommended not to use pine as your main fuel source and only for the kindling. For your main firewood our favourite choice is Manuka, a great hardwood that burns hot, long and slow with an excellent smokeless flame.

Now let’s talk about how to lay your kindling … please know you will be totally fine with any of the methods below!






Unique Difference


Kindling stacked in a cone shape around the fire starter

Quick ignition, efficient burning

May collapse as the fire grows

Circular arrangement promotes airflow

Log Cabin

Kindling stacked in a crisscross pattern like a cabin

Even burn, good airflow

Requires careful stacking

Crisscross pattern aids airflow and stability

Upside-Down Fire

Larger logs at the bottom, progressively smaller kindling on top, fire starter at the topmost

Long lasting, less maintenance

Requires larger initial logs

Inverted arrangement for sustained burn

Parallel Sticks

Kindling arranged in parallel sticks, resembling a bundle of pencils

Dense fuel bed, steady burn

May limit airflow

Shields flames from wind


Kindling arranged radially from the centre, maximising surface area exposure  

Rapid ignition, even burn

Requires careful arrangement

Maximises exposure to heat and airflow


Kindling thrown randomly into a fire


Less efficient, uneven burn

Minimal control, less predictable


Our favourite is the log cabin, why? It works easily inside the Wizard Fire Pit ash pan and allows a bit of space for you to put your fire starters underneath.

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