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Jumbo Wizard Fire Pit

Jumbo Wizard Fire Pit

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Due to popular demand, we have created the Jumbo Wizard Fire Pit! Approx. 50% larger than the regular size. 

The special design of the Wizard Fire Pit creates a unique airflow that allows the smoke to burn off inside the bonfire before it gets to you! No need to play musical chairs to dodge smoke.

• Diameter (width): 64cm
• Height: 46cm
• Weight: 18 kg
• Material: Stainless Steel 304

*Note for Christchurch. The only exception to outdoor burning is outdoor cooking. For example, grilling on your Wizard Fire Pit or BBQ and Pizza Ovens etc. In addition, smoke must be non-offensive or objectionable beyond your property boundary. 


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Size & Materials

Diameter (width): 64cm

Height: 46cm

Weight: 18kg

Material: Stainless Steel 304

Shipping, Returns & Warranty


Free shipping over $80 anywhere within New Zealand.

Allow 2-7 business days for your order to reach you.


Free 30-day returns on any order within New Zealand. (From the date of your package arriving to you). Note the product must be unused.


We warranty every Wizard Fire Pit to be free of manufacturing defects and will replace any product of ours free of charge if defective.

Clean Burn Flame

The advanced airflow system within the Wizard large fire pit ensures a clean burn by promoting efficient combustion of the smoke inside the fire pit. This design eliminates the need to constantly reposition yourself to avoid smoke, providing a more enjoyable and comfortable outdoor experience.

Removable Ash Pan

The extra large fire pit features a convenient removable ash pan, allowing for easy cleanup without the need for special tools. Once the fire has cooled, simply lift out the ash pan, dispose of the ashes, and place it back in the pit. This design makes maintenance quick and hassle-free.

Adjustable Air Vent

Control the intensity of your fire with the adjustable air vent. Keeping the vent open maximises the smokeless effect by allowing more oxygen to fuel the fire, while closing it helps to extinguish the flames when you're done. This feature gives you full control over your bonfire experience.

Long Lasting Material

Crafted from robust Stainless Steel (grade 304), the Jumbo Wizard Smokeless Fire Pit is built to last. This strong but surprisingly lightweight metal is known for its rust resistance and ability to withstand heat, ensuring that your fire pit remains in great condition for years to come.

Ultra Portable

Despite its sturdy construction, the fire pit is designed to be portable. Weighing just over 18 kg and featuring stainless steel handles for easy gripping, it can be easily moved when cool, making it ideal for camping trips, beach outings, or backyard gatherings.

Fun and Functional

There’s something magical about gathering around a fire pit. Whether you’re mesmerized by the dancing flames, sharing stories with friends and family, or enjoying the warmth while roasting marshmallows, our Large Sized Smokeless Fire Pit enhances these moments by eliminating smoke, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Easy To Use

Our Large fire pits come with a design that is straightforward and user-friendly. The unique airflow system ensures an easy-to-ignite hot flame, providing you with a hassle-free setup. Cleanup is just as simple, ensuring you spend more time enjoying the fire and less time maintaining it.

Smokeless Fire Pits Online

How Wizard Large Sized Fire Pit Functions

The Jumbo Wizard Smokeless Fire Pit utilizes a secondary burn system to achieve a clean, smoke-free flame. Oxygen is drawn into the fire pit from vents at the bottom and heated as it travels through the walls of the pit. When the air reaches a temperature of 500°C, it exits through the top holes, igniting the smoke and excess gasses produced by the burning wood. This process results in an ultra-clean burn that minimises smoke and enhances your bonfire experience.

The superheated air exits the holes in the top and ignites the smoke and excess gases initially produced by burning wood in the fire pit. Thus producing an ultra clean burn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Jumbo Wizard Smokeless Fire Pit work?

The Jumbo Wizard Smokeless Fire Pit uses a secondary burn system. Oxygen is drawn into the fire pit from vents at the bottom and heated as it travels through the walls. When the air reaches a temperature of 500°C, it exits through the top holes, igniting the smoke and excess gasses produced by the burning wood. This process creates an ultra-clean burn, reducing smoke and improving the overall fire experience.

To describe it simply, the Wizard fire pit is like a bowl inside a bowl, the double layered wall creates an airflow that allows the smoke to burn off before it gets to you!

Why a smokeless fire pit?

There are many benefits to a smokeless flame! Firstly no need to constantly dodge smoke, you can enjoy a night around the fire pit without smelling like one. With little to no smoke your Wizard fire pit is also more environmentally friendly.

Is the fire pit easy to clean?

Yes, the Jumbo Wizard Smokeless Fire Pit is designed for easy maintenance. It features a removable ash pan that allows you to clean out the ashes quickly and without any special tools. Once the fire pit has cooled, simply remove the ash pan, dispose of the ashes, and place it back in the pit.

All Wizard Fire Pits come with foldable legs to elevate it off the ground, allowing airflow to the cool the bottom and also draw fresh oxygen into the adjustable vents.

Even when using the foldable legs, wood and composite decking materials differ significantly in quality and treatment, and have varying heat resistance ratings. If you are unsure you can further elevate or insulate your fire pit to avoid potential damage. For example a fireproof BBQ mat.

Never leave your fire pit unattended on a combustible surface when hot - even while cooling down. Hot ashes can reignite and escape onto the surface.

What materials is the fire pit made of?

The Jumbo Wizard Smokeless Fire Pit is made from high-quality Stainless Steel 304. This material is known for its durability and rust resistance, ensuring that your fire pit will last for many years and perform well in various weather conditions.

Can I cook in the fire pit?

Yes, you can cook in the fire pit. We offer a Foldable Grill that is designed to be used with the Jumbo Wizard Smokeless Fire Pit. This portable grill is perfect for cooking meals over your smokeless fire, making your outdoor experience even more enjoyable.

What accessories are available for the fire pit?

We offer several accessories to enhance your experience with the Jumbo Wizard Smokeless Fire Pit: Foldable Grill: Ideal for cooking over your fire pit. Weatherproof Cover: Protects your fire pit from the elements. Lid: Adds safety and helps contain embers, while also keeping your fire pit clean when not in use.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are typically delivered within 2-7 business days. We offer free shipping on orders over $80 within New Zealand, ensuring you get your fire pit quickly and without extra cost.

What is your return policy?

We offer a hassle-free return policy. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return to the fire pit easily. For detailed information on our return policy, please refer to our Shipping, Returns & Warranty section.

Is there a warranty on the fire pit?

Yes, the Jumbo Wizard Smokeless Fire Pit comes with a robust warranty. We stand by the quality of our products and offer a warranty to give you peace of mind. For more details on the warranty, please refer to our Shipping, Returns & Warranty section. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Anne Stewart
So versatile!

We have fired this up twice… marshmallows both times… potatoes in foil and put the fish smoker on top of the grill! Simply amazing

Mark Drought

Bought after seeing this on instagram.
Absolutely love it.
Great addition to our outdoor space.

Worth any penny!

Brilliant fire pit, well designed, easy to use and the big version is so comfortable. I'm loving it!

Nicolas Pereira
Very Happy :)))

Works as a marvel and looks even better


Fantastic to roast marshmallows and cook on the grill, a little disappointed in the amount of heat radiating from the sides, plenty above it obviously, may need to load it up with more fuel. Overall great product, build quality is excellent.

The beast of firepits

A brilliant firepit easy to get started and the heat is amazing oh yeah no smoke.Loving it..

Paul Croft
Bees Knees

Does the trick thank you.
Clean and easy to maintain

Willy K
Jumbo - an awesome bit of kit!!!

My new Jumbo fire pit has been put to good use on our deck. learnings so far are... wood selection is critical making sure its dry!!!
I prefer to have the top ring off as it allows a better view & more direct heat radiation from the fire
Already enjoying toasted marshmallows with the family & long yarns into the night accompanied by a glass of port.
Thanks Wizard ! an awesome bit of kit!!!

Paul Brydon

great firepit!

Lawrence Clark
Wizard XL

Fantastic outdoor centrepiece, great quality, I look forward to the weekend now, something about a fire, especially a wizard fire.